Bruno and Max

PetParent: Ellen
Bruno & Max
Dogwood Members since January 2014

“My husband and I love Dogwood Daycare & Boarding for boarding and daycare! We feel confident our dogs, Bruno & Max, will be well treated and get plenty of exercise outside. So know you are leaving your dogs in a clean, safe environment playing with other friends and having fun!”


PetParent: Janet
Dogwood Members since July 2008

“Champ’s happy eagerness to run in the door when he arrives at Dogwood just about says it all.  We love our dog like a child, and are very cautious with him.  But now we have no hesitation leaving him because we know Champ is in safe, loving hands!”

Coco L

PetParent: Dorien
Coco L.
Dogwood Members since July 2007

“My dog, Coco, has been going to Dogwood for 8 years for both boarding and daycare. Coco gets super-excited to go play with his pals! He comes home clean and not smelling like a kennel. Dogwood has a fabulous outdoor area with perfect indoor sleeping quarters.  We love Dogwood & highly recommend it!”

Coco S

PetParent: Lesley
Coco S.
Dogwood Members since August 2009

“Our dog, Coco, has been going to Dogwood for six years and he loves it.  When we’re away, we love seeing pictures on Facebook showing Coco playing with other dogs and having fun.  We are so happy to have found Dogwood and highly recommend it.”

Gabby & Ziggy

PetParent: Todd
Gabby & Ziggy
Dogwood Members since August 2013

“We’re so happy to have found Dogwood. Our dogs, Gabby & Ziggy, are even happier outside instead of being in a poorly lit warehouse full of barking dogs. Dogwood is clean. It has a great outdoor space. Best of all, I know our dogs are with people that actually care about them.”


PetParent: Jackie
Harry the Worm
Dogwood Members since July 2007

“Dogwood rocks! Our beastie, Harry the Worm, LOVES coming to Dogwood. Harry’s always a happy dog when we pick him up from boarding and daycare. Proof is in the pudding!”

Scout and Molly

PetParent: Sam
Scout & Molly
Dogwood Members since April 2008

“Our dogs, Scout & Molly, go to Dogwood for both daycare and boarding. They love it and we love Dogwood. We wouldn’t trust anyone else with our kids.”


PetParent: Robin
Dogwood Members since May 2012

“I often recommend Dogwood to my dog training clients as well as my co-workers in the television production field. There are very few other situations where I have the peace of mind that I get when my dog is at Dogwood. I have never once had a concern about Shiloh while she’s there for boarding or daycare. I am incredibly grateful for their care!”


PetParent: Anne
Dogwood Members since August 2007

“We’ve been taking our lab, Taylor, to Dogwood for eight years for daycare and boarding. We can always count on Kate and Mick to take good care of our girl. Highly recommend them!”


PetParent: Ashley
Dogwood Members since April 2013

“My dog, Yankee-Doodle, has been going to Dogwood for over two years and he loves it! Every time I turn the corner of Dogwood, Yankee pops up in his seat, starts wagging his butt and tail, and is very excited!!! I would recommend Dogwood to everyone for boarding and daycare!!”