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Dogwood demonstrates our professionalism & appreciation to their customers by our commitment in recognizing that Dogwood Members are all individual dogs with various personalities & specific needs

Pet Parent: Janet, Dogwood Members since July 2008

Champ’s happy eagerness to run in the door when he arrives at Dogwood just about says it all. We love our dog like a child, and are very cautious with him. But now we have no hesitation leaving him because we know Champ is in safe, loving hands!

Champ R.
Pet Parent: Kimberly, Dogwood Member since May 3, 2017

I did a lot of research before picking a daycare/boarding facility.   I wasn’t impressed by most of them as far as being clean and safe. When I went to Dogwood, I knew it would be just perfect for my fur-baby.  Dogwood is now like Champ’s Second Family. They love my little guy just as much as my own family. Champ’s been coming to Dogwood every day for daycare since he was 6 months old. I’ve also boarded him for weeks at a time while I’m traveling.  Dogwood really does have that at home feel to it. I don’t need to worry about leaving Champ. He leaves Dogwood so happy each time that I can’t help but feel a little jealous. It’s obvious my baby boy’s had so much fun & was doted on all day long.   We’d be lost as to where to go for daycare or boarding that’s anywhere half as good. Thank goodness we discovered Dogwood!

Pet Parent: Lisa, Dogwood Member since Feb 17, 2010

We’ve used Dogwood’s services for daycare & frequent overnights since Dylan was eight months old.   Dylan loves playing outdoors with other dogs. So we both absolutely adore Dogwood’s amazing Outside Yard.  In fact, Dylan practically has to be dragged out of Dogwood to go home with us most nights. We also have become friendly with a few of the other customers & sometimes take our last evening walks with our dogs together after picking up.  Dogwood is certainly Dyl’s Happy Place which obviously makes both his parents very happy. We love taking our favorite furry boy to such a fantastic place like Dogwood!

Pet Parent: Amy, Dogwood Member since June 11, 2012

My Beagle has bad separation anxiety ever since I adopted Eugene.  When he was 4 months old, I had no choice but to enroll Eugene in daily daycare while I was working. But here it is six years later & we’re still coming to Dogwood every day for daycare.  It’s because we just love going to Dogwood! I’ve also used Dogwood’s overnite services many times to watch Eugene whenever I’m away, have a late work day or have social plans after work. I really appreciate knowing the same incredibly good people that work there are taking such great care of Eugene when I’m not able to.  It brings me much comfort knowing my furry side-kick is in a safe and amazing place. Dogwood really does make both Eugene’s & my days a whole lot better!

Pet Parent: Geri, Dogwood Member since March 22, 2012

Jackson really loves to jump up & down, but I think Jax jumps the highest whenever he arrives at Dogwood.  Of course, this could have to do with seeing his steady doggie girlfriend that he met when he was 8 months old when we joined Dogwood.  Apparently from what the Staff shows us in pictures/videos, Jackson follows Molly all around every minute of their day together still today. My family & I are extremely happy ever since we joined Dogwood. They take such great care of all the dogs & are such wonderful, caring people.  We absolutely love Dogwood & wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Dogwood has always been our first & only choice for daycare or boarding!

Pet Parent: Amanda, Dogwood Member since October 16, 2015

I joined Dogwood its first year of business in 2001 with my Austalian Shepherd, Kobi, when he was 3 years old. Kobi loved going to Dogwood back then and showed his enthusiasm whenever we arrived. I was an extremely happy customer for years using both Dogwood’s daycare and overnight services. I know how selective Dogwood is in choosing their Members and that always put my mind at ease whenever my dog was there. So when I rescued Kaiya back in 2015 at the age of 4 months old, I knew just where to go for daycare and overnight boarding. Kaiya is a Border collie mix who needs plenty of exercise, love and attention just like my Aussie Kobi did. It’s obvious to me that Kaiya gets just that each and every time she’s at Dogwood!

Pet Parent: Diane, Dogwood Member since January 11, 2011

Molly became a Dogwood Member at 5 months old & has come for daycare each day ever since.  I’ve also boarded Molly overnite for weeks at a time when I’ve gone away & have always been impressed by the facility & the great care Dogwood gives Molly. She has lots of Dogwood friends and enjoys spending time under the Dogwood Tree with her steady boyfriend.  Molly’s celebrated all her Birthdays at Dogwood & they’ve thrown amazing doggie parties for Molly as well. I’ve always been a very happy customer, but I’m particularly grateful to Dogwood for making Molly “look beautiful again” at the end of every week. My Molly likes to get very dirty when she plays, but boy does Molly clean-up well after a Dogwood Grooming!   

Pet Parent: Robin, Dogwood Members since May 2012

I often recommend Dogwood to my dog training clients as well as my co-workers in the television production field. There are very few other situations where I have the peace of mind that I get when my dog is at Dogwood. I have never once had a concern about Shiloh while she’s there for boarding or daycare. I am incredibly grateful for their care!

Pet Parent: Carol, Dogwood Member since December 9, 2016

Wilson is our second dog with Dogwood.  We rejoined as Dogwood Members when Wilson was 8 months old.   He loves Dogwood just as much as our first dog, Cesar, always did. Wilson can hardly wait to get inside Dogwood’s gate when we arrive. We’re very selective in who we allow to care for our dog and certainly never want our dog to be around aggressive dogs. We have such peace of mind whenever our dog is at Dogwood.  We know they take great care of all the dogs. The facility is always nice and clean as well. We’ve never been disappointed with Dogwood’s services in daycare or boarding & here we are again happy customers 14 years later.   We sure hope Dogwood stays in business forever!

Pet Parent: Ashley, Dogwood Members since April 2013

My dog, Yankee-Doodle, has been going to Dogwood for over two years and he loves it! Every time I turn the corner of Dogwood, Yankee pops up in his seat, starts wagging his butt and tail, and is very excited!!! I would recommend Dogwood to everyone for boarding and daycare!!