Mick Moran and Kate Judge

Kate Judge and Mick Moran were both raised in New York City in neighboring towns, but never met until July 1997 in Los Angeles. In March 2000 after many years of working in the corporate world, Kate decided to make a career change to fulfill her life-long dream of working with dogs. With her family’s & Mick’s encouragement, Kate enrolled at Animal Behavior University where she studied to become a Certified Dog Trainer/Animal Behaviorist, and apprenticed under a Certified Dog Trainer/Animal Behaviorist with over 30 years’ experience conducting Group & Private Dog Training Classes. While studying, Kate worked at another cage-free dog kennel where she was responsible for caring for 40+ dogs a day. Kate graduated from ABU with Honor Roll Status in January 2001.

Dogwood Daycare opened its doors for business on July 2, 2001. Kate & Mick were determined to make the traditional warehouse effect for cage-free kennels a thing of the past. They have accomplished just that with DOGWOOD and its unbelievably calm and quiet environment. Kate and Mick have four dogs of their own: Sandy & Felicia (two little Sheltie Mix Rescues who were the best of friends adopted in 2005,) Bear (a Pomerian/Long Haired Chihuahua Rescue adopted in 2010) and Jimmy (a Sheltie/Dachshund Rescue adopted in 2013). Kate and Mick and their four dogs are at DOGWOOD each day, and take pride in providing a loving, quiet, comfortable, and homelike environment for their Canine Members.